Here is my problem. I have a 20" monitor and a Wacom Cintiq display tablet that acts as a secondary screen. Normally, I just want to have a single monitor on, with windows set to single display, and have the wacom plugged in via DVI but not turned on.

However, when I do want to use the tablet, I want to be able to turn its power on, and then have windows automatically set display to "Extended". Finally, when I turn the monitor power off, windows goes back to single display mode.

How it currently works is, windows stays on extended display even when I turn off the wacom tablet, and it means some of my windows are off the monitor that is on, because it still thinks there are two displays.

Now, my C knowledge is incredibly basic, but my idea was as follows:
  • Check to see if any services start when the wacom is turned on. Check for this in a script and then set the windows display to either single or extended based on the wacoms status.

Does this sound possible? Its driving me nuts that wacom didnt (and wont) implement this.

- James