This code is for DLL injection to a MineSweeper
(what this DLL does is: when timer on a mine sweepe hits 6 it will automatically change it to 100)

#include <windows.h>
int *time = (int*)0x0100579C; 
DWORD WINAPI changeTime(LPVOID lParam) {
if( *time == 6 ) { 
*time = 100;
BOOL APIENTRY DllMain(HINSTANCE hDll, DWORD callReason, LPVOID lpReserved) {
if(callReason == DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH) {
CreateThread(NULL, 0, (LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)&changeTime, 0, 0,
I want to make a separate program with a text box, and I want my DLL(code is above) send a Minesweeper’s timer value to that program.

It’s hard to explain but basically what I need is to keep track of a timer value with my DLL and send it to a diff program. Is it possible and if so how?