Thread: Destroy a window and replace the contents

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    Destroy a window and replace the contents

    I'm having problems with property pages in my MDI app, so I've decided to derive all of my 'pages' from CView, which will solve a lot of problems. There are buttons on the top of each page that when clicked will destroy the content of the window, and replace it with another form.

    I've got as far as destroying the contents with CMyFormView:estroyWindow(); but when I try CMyOtherFormView CMFV;
    CMFV.Create(... I get an error saying I cannot access protected constructors and destructors of CMyOtherFormView. What's the best way of doing this?

    As you've probably guessed it's in MFC.

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    I would not recommend this approach but if you are persistent here it is...

    move the CMyView protected constructor and virtual functions Create into the public section instead of protected.....
    The wizard makes them protected by default....

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