Dear Experts,

As in case of Linux/Unix we can check through the Shared Object(SO) which objects are resolved, which are unresolved which are local text etc .. through symbols how to do same thing in windows, from DLL how to check the functions whether they are resolved or not,

as i my case i have created a DLL And lib in which i am using LIB to resolve most of symbols to create a .exe , but during linking it is showing me

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "class Contextnature & cntxt" (?cntxt@@3AEAVContextnature@@EA) referenced in function main
but when i do
dumpbin /exports .........with some commands

?cntxt@@3AEAVContextnature@@EA (class Contextnaturet & cntxt)
it is showing that this function exists in that lib,

then where is the problem and how to debug it please help me in that.