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    Question Number converter, MSVC++ 5.0

    I've been working on a program to try to convert a number from one base to another. I've been trying to use itoa() to do this, as it seems to have the necessary input fields. For some reason the program won't put a value into the edit box that should recieve it. I don't know whether the problem lies in my code (a single function and the edit boxes), or the itoa() function. I'm not getting any error codes. I'm including the dialog c++ file.

    void CBaseconverterDlg::OnConvert()
    // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here

    char *pointer, holder[256];

    pointer = &holder[128];

    m_Target = *itoa(m_Source, pointer, m_Base);


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    first you dont need to have the poniter, a simple char array will work fine with itoa. Also itoa is not returning the array, it just returns some garbage, you call it like this:
    char holder[256];
    int target = 1001;
    int BASE = 2;
    itoa(target, holder, BASE);
    The above will convert to binary. Also i believe that itoa will only convert up to 33 bits. So your largest number you can convert would be: 4294967295
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