I find a few good vc++ extension library, I think it will be useful for everyone.
A list of good VC++ Extension Library for every developers:
1. Office 2007 like GUI toolkit: (From bcgsoft)
BCGSoft - Business Components Gallery

2. VC++ Flow Diagramming, Drawing, Printing, HMI Source Code Kit: (From ucancode software)
Visual C++, VC++ Source Code, Visual C++ Tutorial & Example, MFC Source Code & library, Free .NET diagram of FLowChart Drawing Component Download, Report Print, UML Drawing Tool, Workflow, Electronic Form, C#, SCADA, HMI

3. VC++ Grid Control from Prof -uis:
Professional GUI tools and solutions for MFC & .NET desktop applications

4. Great VC++ Samples and Articles:
Your Development Resource - CodeProject

5. Great vc++ forum:
CodeGuru : codeguru

6. Great vc++ tool:
Visual Assist X - an add-in for Visual Studio by Whole Tomato Software

7. Free VC++ Project backup tool:
Backup Visual Studio Project, Backup project, Backup Visual C++ Project

8. Free VC++ Project rename tool:
Rename Visual C++ Project, Visual C++ Project, Visual C++ IDE, Visual Studio project

9. Free vc++ replace all in files tool:
Replace all in Files, Replace in files, Replace in folder, Visual C++ Project

10. Manage and Renumber Resource Symbol IDs:
Riverblade - Home