Thread: System and hardware information in C

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    System and hardware information in C

    Hi all,

    I need to retrieve PC specs information such as software(versions of OS, windows media player etc) and hardware(processor spec, memory,graphics etc) from various PCS in a network.

    To simply task, Im thinking of a program that can help me to retrieve these information from all the PCS and Im wondering if can use C to write the program.

    If it is possible, what example of winapi should i consider?

    im moderate in C programming(used them in school)..perhaps any advice or links to help me get started on?

    What other language is most suitable to do this task?

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    Have you looked at GetSystemInfo() and GetSystemMetrics() etc for details on the hardware and OS?

    Version numbers of some software (ie Media Player) will be harder to find.

    This can be done in C/C++ with the WIN32 API.
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