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    ive been looking around for another ide that has a code completion feature as nice as qt creator. ive tried code::blocks and eclipse but theres doesnt seem the same.
    just looking for any suggestions.

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    Visual Studio Express is free and has EXCELLENT code completion. They call it Intellisense.

    NetBeans is ok, but it runs on java, so I find that it's MUCH slower than native solutions.

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    Netbeans is slow not because it's based on Java (so are many other products that perform very well indeed) but because it's not properly coded.
    Eclipse performs better, IntelliJ better yet.

    And no, no IDE is the same from any other. If they were they'd be the same product.

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    thanks netbeans is good and doesnt seem any slower than qt creator.

    sorry just checked at least eclipse again and notice it does do what i was looking for, but neither seem to show function arguments by just typing function name only if i use "this->" or whatever class first. was hoping another ide was like qt creator where every time i typed a function and ( would then pop up prototype and ways its overloaded, not a big deal tho.
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    It is expensive, but Visual Assist by Whole Tomato is good.
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