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    I posted WIN32 advice above, none of it is MFC specific.

    To create a Checkbox you use CreateWindow(), CreateWindowEx() or use MSVC's resource editor.

    If you post code and exactly what is wrong, I will correct it (but will not write new code).


    MFC runs on all versions of MS operating systems, including XP Pro.

    You have to create the the project as 'statically linked' not 'dynamically linked' (or install the MFC dlls).

    It is one checkbox in MSVC and MFC will work on any MS OS.
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    a) what is a programming tutorial
    b) what is an API reference
    c) what is a library
    d) what is a bookstore
    e) what is a search engine
    f) where is your brain

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    msdn library is your friend or you can get Platform SDK for complete offline documentation and code samples.

    Platform SDK link:
    Download details: Windows® Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK Web Install

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    now, for the reason you didnt get any code from us:

    1) everyone posts here, most help beginners, some give code as
    example, few rewrite the code, and nobody makes a complete
    commercial software for you.
    2) try to TheForger's Windows Tutorials (EFNet #Winprog)
    3) if you have a problem, ask it, if you want to ask us write code,
    think twice.
    4) there is an EDIT and REMOVE button, use them sometime.

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    It is a lot harder than you think to go from console C++ to Win32.

    We are doing a whole semester on it after having done a whole semester on console C++.

    There are many more extra things to understand besides just creating check boxes and edit boxes. You have to understand how the window is created, about handles, about GDI, about the message loop, and loads more.

    You should get yourself a textbook. I have Programming Windows by Charles Petzold, and it's really good.

    It will be a long time before you create a program any more complicated than a window with a coloured rectangle in it, trust me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leo2008 View Post
    i am a c++ programmer,but am new to win32 apis, hence need some help. if you are good in win32, why don't you share your ideas?
    Here you go...

    Download details: Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

    Full disclosure of all windows API calls and structures.

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    Oh and I might add, if you want a quick-fix to make a GUI, why not use Visual Basic? I learned that at high school in year 8, total piece of cake. It completely takes care of all the "hard" stuff.

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    Take the right way

    Am not to discourage you but i was keen to do win32 programming so quickly and i spent lots and lots of hours searching for code snippets and made a few programs that finally found that i didn't understand windows programming.

    Take some time to get used to win32 API and messaging and pure win32 logic and the you can create your own windows program GUI even you can write your own controls.

    I recommend "Charles Petzold" book "Windows programming" is a very valuable resource

    That will take some time but you will be win32 GURU no way you can do it in the way you want or you will gets toms of bugs that you will also need someone to debug them for you and get someone to update your code for you beleive me

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