I'm making a diag util for Windows. The util needs to be able to access sector 1 of the drives. My DOS version just uses int 13h, but alas, Windows coughs at that.

My API reference is old and I don't see any functions that allow me to access the drives like I need to. But I know it is possible, because AV programs do it all the time. I do have the Win32 reference, but I think it is talking about 3.11, not Win9X. So since Win9x is an OS and 3.11 is not, my guess is I'm missing a lot of functions related to OS stuff in Win9X.

Any help would be appreciated. I've also looked for the Win9X refs but it seems that MS has abandoned them. I have the refs for my VB6 on MSDN so I guess I could refer to those.

But it is annoying to switch from C to the VB help file just to find the function I need.