Thread: How to move axis !

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    Exclamation How to move axis !

    Just wanted to know how to move the axis , I want my program text appear at the centre of the window, I m workin on visual C++ 2010 beta.

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    Moved to Windows forum.

    And be more specific - how are you drawing it in the first place?
    30 to 50 lines of relevant code will draw a lot more help than a 1-line description.
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    	cout<<"Press number for required drive\n";
    	cout<<"1:---------------- DRIVE C\n";
    	cout<<"2:---------------- DRIVE D\n";
    	cout<<"3:---------------- DRIVE E\n";
    	cout<<"4:---------------- DRIVE F\n";
    I want this text to appear at the centre of screen.

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