Thread: RegisterClassExA getLastError of 87 ?

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    RegisterClassExA getLastError of 87 ?

    For RegisterClassExA,@rc
    I am getting a getLastError of 87.
    Is there a listing somewhere of what API error codes mean?
    Else, pls, what does error code 87, indicate?

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    One of Visual Studio's Tools is 'Error Lookup' (type in the number and get the text).
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    put $err, hr in your watch window. Place a breakpoint at the function, step over it and check the error code.

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    In Visual Studio 2005+, you only need to put the variable that stores the hresult itself in the watch window to see the error message it means. Regardless, Salem's link has another link that points to system error codes. There is your reference listing.
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    Ah yes, this is a great help:

    windows system errorCodes
    System Error Codes (Windows)


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