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    VC++ funcion call problem


    I've bumped into a strange problem. When a function is supposed to be called, VS starts executing some other code (not the actual function!) in a file called xlocal, from where other functions are called; VS then starts jumping around between a lot of different functions. Eventually, it triggers an error message to come up, which says a lot of things; here you can see the hole message:

    The original function call that is made looks like this:

    where s is of a template class I've created.

    I've put a break point at that line, as well as a break point at the head of the function. VS has always been able to call this function before, but now it triggers an error after the function call has been made, but before the function has even been entered. Why doesn't it enter my function directly? What can I do about this? After all, VS doesn't do what I tell it to do but acts completely crazy!
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    A, found it! :P The problem was that the first argument of the function is either a string holding a filename, or an ostream& that the object should be printed to, depending of which version of the function is called. Each of the though takes an integer as an optional second argument. By some reason, the string version must have been called, and 0 was interpreted as a string. Strange. I had just removed the filename but forgot to replace it with cout.
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