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    Getting Information about Network Adapters

    I'm trying to retrieve a list of network adapters on my system and all relevent information about them. The information I require is:

    - Adapter Name
    - Adapter Description
    - Adapter GUID
    - IP Address
    - Subnet Mask
    - Gateway IP
    - Multicast IP
    - MAC Address
    - Connected Status
    - Interface Type (Ethernet, wireless, firewire, etc)
    - If DHCP is enabled
    - If DDNS is enabled.
    - Must Support IP_v6

    For the most part, the GetAdaptersAddresses() function gives me most of this information. However, it does not give me gateway info (on windows XP) and subnet mask IP. Is there a better way of getting that info without resulting to using WSA or polling the registry? Are there any Win32 functions that can get that info separately?

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