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    I'd like to use an API that is much simpler than Win32 or MFC, but I want be able to get the HWND of a window so that I can put my Direct3D stuff in it. I've tried FLTK and Qt, they were both great, though I couldn't find a way to extract a HWND from a window. Does anyone know how to do this for any API (C++) that isn't Win32 or MFC?


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    There has to be a way since any library using windows inside Win32 must have an HWND.

    Here is one solution for GTK:

    This looks promising for QTWidget:

    WId QWidget::winId () const
    Returns the window system identifier of the widget.

    Portable in principle, but if you use it you are probably about to do something non-portable. Be careful.

    If a widget is non-native (alien) and winId() is invoked on it, that widget will be provided a native handle.

    On Mac OS X, the type returned depends on which framework Qt was linked against. If Qt is using Carbon, the {WId} is actually an HIViewRef. If Qt is using Cocoa, {WId} is a pointer to an NSView.

    This value may change at run-time. An event with type QEvent::WinIdChange will be sent to the widget following a change in window system identifier.

    See also find().
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