Thread: Inject .NET assembly in native process

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    Inject .NET assembly in native process

    I'm using a very simple Inter Process Communication using the ICLRRuntimeHost interface and it's method ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain.
    This approach allows to make communications between a C application and a .net dll in a couple of lines.

    However, as I am allowed to send a string from C as argument of the method to execute in .net (C#), I'm constraint by the ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain to receive only a DWORD-type variable (integer).
    I would like to know if there is a mean (another method of the interface to use) so that I can receive in return of the call a string.
    Many thanks!

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    You can create a C++/CLI go-between ref class and communicate via .NET data types. The C/C++ can talk to the C++/CLI and the C++/CLI can talk to the C#.

    But I have very little experience with inter-process communication between native and managed code.

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    Thanks Bubba!
    I've got the solution from Microsoft. There is no other method for this mechanism. Therefore, using ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain is the only one allowed to do that and it sends a string and returns an integer.

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    Yes it is true that the only return type allowed is an int, but you can use that to return a pointer to a string

    Managed code:
    using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
    public class TestClass
            static extern IntPtr GetProcessHeap();
            static extern IntPtr HeapAlloc(IntPtr hHeap, HeapAllocFlags flags, int size);
            public enum HeapAllocFlags
                HEAP_NO_SERIALIZE = 0x00000001,
                HEAP_GENERATE_EXCEPTIONS = 0x00000004,
                HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY = 0x00000008,
            public static int TestFunc(string args)
                    IntPtr Heap, StringMemory;
                    string ret = "Passed argument string was: " + args;
                    // Get a handle to the default heap
                    if ((Heap = GetProcessHeap()) == IntPtr.Zero)
                        throw new InvalidOperationException("GetProcessHeap() failed");
                    // Unicode string 2 bytes per character, plus terminating NULL char
                    int MemSize = ret.Length * 2 + 1;
                    // Allocate new memory on the heap
                    if((StringMemory = HeapAlloc(Heap, HeapAllocFlags.HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY, MemSize)) == IntPtr.Zero)
                        throw new OutOfMemoryException("HeapAlloc() failed to allocate " + MemSize + " bytes.");
                    // Copy the string to unmanaged memory
                    Marshal.Copy(ret.ToCharArray(), 0, StringMemory, ret.Length);
                    // Return a pointer to our memory block
                    return (int)StringMemory;
                catch (Exception ex)
                return 0;
    Unmanaged code:
    DWORD dwRet = 0;
    if(FAILED(CallManagedFunc(L"Managed.TestClass", L"TestFunc", L"1234567890", &dwRet)))
    	OutputDebugString(L"CallManagedFunc() failed.\n");
    	MessageBoxW(NULL, (TCHAR*)dwRet, L"!", MB_OK);
    	// Free our memory to avoid memory leaks
    	HeapFree(GetProcessHeap(), 0, (LPVOID)dwRet);
    GetProcessHeap Function (Windows)
    HeapAlloc Function (Windows)
    HeapFree Function (Windows)
    for reference

    Forgot to include the CallManagedFunc function. Although it's just a wrapper for ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain I'm adding it for completeness
    HRESULT CallManagedFunc(LPCWSTR className, LPCWSTR funcName, LPCWSTR args, DWORD* dwRet)
    	return g_ClrHost->ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain(
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