Thread: virtual serial port- is there simpler way?

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    virtual serial port- is there simpler way?

    Hello all,
    While searched for solution for one "serial" task (winXP) i found very nice software
    XPort .
    This software splitter creates many virtual serial ports and redirects them to one real serial port. Before i see this one, i was thinking that only way to do this is WindowsDriverKit.
    Now i'm in doubt - Xport is very compact and very easy to install . Behavior is (in my eyes) as of regular user application.
    I read as many as found on Microsoft site and now i'm thinking(maybe wrong) that "serial.sys" and "serenum.sys" are drivers, trough which one can create virtual serial port. I didnt found any answer about-
    -is this possible from user application?
    -if yes, what library will be needed?
    -if yes, is this possible with non-Microsoft compiler/library?

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    I investigated a little bit into Xport:
    - inside is visible string "Driver works, Compuware corporation".
    - when Xport.exe is started , configuration menu appears
    ----- after configuration is done in \Windows\system32\drivers new file is appearing - "xport.sys"
    ----- if configuration is called again and disabled - "xport.sys" dissapears.
    So, maybe my previous post is hopeless and stupid.

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