Thread: Site on Making Common Controls like BUttons

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    Site on Making Common Controls like BUttons

    Can someone tell me how i can make my own custom controls like buttons?

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    Buttons, editboxes, listboxes, etc. are nothing but child windows of your main window. Here's one for a button:

    //Make this global
    #define ID_MYBUTTON 5000

    in case WM_CREATE:

    "button", // Button class
    "Text", // Button Text
    WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, // Styles
    0, 0, 100, 20, // x pos, y pos, width, height, in pixels
    hwnd, // HWND of main window
    (HMENU)ID_MYBUTTON, // Button ID
    GetModuleHandle(NULL), // HINSTANCE of your application

    in WM_COMMAND:

    /* This will tell you
    if the user clicks
    the button "ID_MYBUTTON"

    case WM_COMMAND:
    case ID_MYBUTTON:
    // Do this

    This should work.


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    Well thats kinda correct, if your using buttons your should specify the type of button, like push button, radio button..... So in the style param you would pass BS_PUSHBUTTON for a push button, BS_RADIOBUTTON for a radio button and so on. Look up button styles in MSDN for more info. Aslo if your using buttons you should also specify BS_NOTIFY so that all messages triggered by that button are sent to the parent window's message bandler.
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