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    Unhappy OutText - absolutelly newbie...

    Please, help me with some directions and advises!
    I'm working with small microcontrollers and WinAPI is very , very unknown.
    (Un)fortunately, i need program , which:
    - is talking with small device via RS232,
    - receives strings, analises these strings , reformats them and outputs on
    WindowsApp window.
    - keyboard input must be redirected to serial port.
    In other words - goal is to make PC based terminal for this small device (which has 240x64 pixels display and some keypad).
    In this moment i want to learn faster
    1) how to output text in graphic mode, how to control font parameters,
    2) how to control stretching of window - i assume to work in window 240x64 or 480x128 , but what happens , when one resizes window?

    Last few days i have played with WinBGI ( library, wrapper , which gives to me graphic control in known for me TurboPascal style). Problem here is size - i have about 2MB exe even on start, with 3 strings , drawed in window. Additionally , i'm not sure how stable is this library.
    On serial side i experimented with one simple library, but found problems - characters are lost, even on low speed. (Serial Communication for WIN32 (Event-driven)). Maybe i'm wrong, but library does not specify any buffers, when comport is initialised with CreateFile.( Does Window have long buffers by default?) So i'm planning to try other library - from Welcome to Ramon's homepage. But this is other story...
    I have Dev-Cpp installed and i want to learn.
    Any advice and comment, link to library/ wrapper will be useful for me.

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    IMHO, WinBGI is a little dated. For starters, you may want to take a look at this Win32 tutorial. It'll help you learn how to create "lean and mean" Win32 apps.

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