Thread: 2 C++ builder questions

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    Question 2 C++ builder questions

    I need a little component, which plays back wav samples fast. The MediaPLayer component is able to play back, but it is too slow for me(it waits maybe a half sec before playing a wav file, I don't know why).

    And I have a problem with the Timer component:
    It's timing is not the same under Win9x, and Win2k.
    Example: The timer's interval is 25, and under Win2k it's maybe twice faster than under Win9x
    What should I do?I want the same timing under both one.

    Thanks in advance!

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    This site has a little wavplay component:
    Look for TBMWave!

    And here's a better Timer component(according to the creator):

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    Look up PlaySound in your WinAPI referance. You might not need a component with that.

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