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    win32 API EDIT BOX

    Programming in win32 and im just kinda playing around. What i want to do is enter a number into a edit box, and i hit a button, and it calulates and the result gets put into the second edit box......mainly this is for a radius math problem program i am making.

     case IDB_BUTTON:{
                 if(HIWORD(wParam) == BN_CLICKED){
    inside there is where i put my code,....GETDLGITEMTEXT maybe work....and setDLGITEMTEXT...but i dont know how to calucate something...I WANT TO enter 12 into the first edit box.....i will calculate 2*PI*12.....and it goes into the second edit box after a button click


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    Well, when the button is clicked, grab the text from the first box, convert it to a value (sscanf() perhaps?), do the math, print to a buffer, and set item text.

    You listed your formula there, do you mean you can't figure out how to enter that in a program?

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    Ok thx for that information, expespecially the SSCANF fucntion. I got it to work.

    Instead of storing it into a buffer, i made a variable of the float type and stored the getdlgitemtext API FUNCTION into the variable. then used the senddlgitemint to set the edit box to the result

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    int iNumber=0;
    double dResult=0;
    char szBuffer[MAX_PATH]={0};
    //get the value in the first edt
    iNumber  = GetDlgItemInt(hWnd, IDC_EDIT1, NULL, TRUE);
    //do the math
    dResult = iNumber * 3.1 * 2;
    //put in a text buffer
    _snprintf(szBuffer, MAX_PATH-1, "%f", dResult);
    //set the second edit
    SetDlgItem(hWnd, IDC_EDIT2, szBuffer);
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