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    wxwidget error

    I have just installed wxwidget graphic libraries, but although I made the configurations right (at least I think so), I keep getting the error 'cannot open file "wxbase28d.lib" '. I haven't added such a file at all. Also, I checked the lib path to realise that it doesn't exist, either. What is wrong?

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    Since you get that error, something (not anything you have written) must be looking for that file. I see a few possible reasons for this (although there are probably more):

    1. You have forgot to install some important part of wxWidgets (if there are more than one, I haven't used this tool before)

    2. You have the file on your computer but you have to specify where it is in make whatever is looking for it find it, so you may have to find out what it is that is looking for that file. You probably specify the search path in your Makefile (I am not really sure what a lib file is) if you have one

    3. You have had the file before but you have deleted it or it has disappeared (quite unlikely)
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    Meanwhile, I recompiled libraries both for release and debug version to get rid of that error. Then, I started getting a runtime error about a missing dll, although it existed. All those thoubles left me no option but remove wxwidget.

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