Thread: How can i make static library ?

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    How can i make static library ?

    How can i make static library ?

    i make simple dll

    #define EXPORT __declspec (dllexport)
    EXPORT int CALLBACK simplefunc(int) ;
    #include  <windows.h>
    #include "Simple.h"
    EXPORT int CALLBACK simplefunc(int t) 
         int  x ;
    	 return x;
    after compile and link i have two file
    simple.dll , simple.lib

    for using this function i insert simple.h in new project and import simple.lib in project.
    and i know for using this function i have many ways.

    ok let go to solve my real problem

    now I want make an static library from this simple DLL ?

    I search on petzold book , msdn, Windows 2000 programing from the ground up by schildt
    and in W32 programing by Brent E.Rector . and nothing found .

    I want to know all information and roles about static library .

    Thanks for your helps

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    project->properties->configuration->general->configuration type->Static Library (.lib)

    Only in a static library you don't explicitly export anything.
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