Thread: Second parameter of SetClipboardData()

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    Second parameter of SetClipboardData()

    Can anyone explain to me what the second parameter is? MSDN didn't explain it too well.. err, it went over my head.

    Say I want to take text from one of my text boxes and click a button "Copy to Clipboard"

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    why that's a handle....

    just kidding...

    it works something like this... if this does not work email me tomorrow at

    I will send you a sample that works...

    if( OpenClipboard( myhwnd ) ){

    HGLOBAL hgb = GlobalAlloc(
    GMEM_MOVEABLE, // allocation attributes
    100 // number of bytes to allocate

    char* pdata;

    pdata = (char*) GlobalLock(hgb);

    strcpy(pdata, "my text");

    SetClipboardData( CF_TEXT, hgb);


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    	if( OpenClipboard() )
    		HGLOBAL hGlobal = GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE, sFxName.GetLength() + 1);
    		if( hGlobal )
    			char *psz = (char *)GlobalLock( hGlobal );
    			strcpy(psz, sFxName.GetBuffer( sFxName.GetLength() ) );
    			SetClipboardData(CF_TEXT, hGlobal);

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