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    Post Winsock data

    I have recently been working on learning winsock, so i've been making lots of little programs to get the hang of it all. I just started figuring out how to send and recieve data (no files or anything, just short strings). Now, I want to make what will pan out to be a ultra-simple IM app.

    Now, I can send simple messages back and forth no problem, but
    I want to add, for example, different color text. I'm having trouble extracting the color info from the other info (i'm sending it all as one string, maybe thats not the way to do it?).

    What my question is, is could anyone point me to some websites, or post some example code, of how I could send other info along with my text string?

    I've tried just doing for() and while() loops to take parts of data out and put them in other strings for use, but it felt sorta hackish, and it seems like there would be a more effecient way.

    Any help is appreciated.

    *edit* -> Oh, and if it matters, its just a bare simple TCP stream that i'm using.
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    Come on, dont hold out on me here people

    I'll gladly post more info if anyone needs it, I just need alittle advice. Heck, any advice!

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