Thread: Problems with Excel Under Native C Service

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    Exclamation Problems with Excel Under Native C Service

    Hi ppl,

    The problem is weird to say the least. We have a Windows Service written under Native C and Com running on Windows Pro 64bit. The service should spawn multiple threads (usually 2 or 3) that open Excel2007, register some addins, populate it with data and fires macros to do computation.

    Now the fun part, on one machine it runs fine with desktop interaction disabled while on the other the Addins cannot be found, as the result of calculation (or lack of which) show. The weird part is that if I allow the service to interact with the desktop it runs just fine. We tried to set the service to run under Admin login instead of running it under SYSTEM (default login for all services) but the application fails on the first call to a macro ...

    We believe that the difference is in some permissions or settings for the Windows Service or the login used NOT the C code itself (the macros should be fine too, they been ran in stand alone too many times). If anyone could point me in the directions where to look for where to set it it would be awesome ...

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    What account installed the addins?

    Was it the admin account and all user access was permitted?
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