Hello All,

I'm interested in creating an server application for use in Windows XP / 2k that uses the modem and com ports yet have the ability to share it with RAS.

My use of the modem will not be using TCP/IP, NetBEUI, nor IPX, which I believe was the intent of using RAS. Using the Telephony API doesn't seem like a good option because I heard it was being phased out.

From looking at the RAS API, I was under the impression that I can use the custom scripting DLLs and Adminstration DLL to connect and get control of the modem through use of the RAS functions.

I was thinking maybe when a client tries to connect to the server computer, I would be able to use the RasAdminAcceptNewConnection() to allow the connection to be complete, and then use the modem from there (either directly or use RasSendBuffer() / RasRetreiveBuffer()).

Do you all have any suggestions on what to use and how to go about this? Is there a general way which this has been done before?

Thank you for your input.