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    Question Progressbar inside of Listbox

    Hey there ^.^

    ive been quite a while googling without decent results, and if a link seemed promising, its dead lol

    Well i guess my problem is easy to extract out of the title.
    I want to put a progress bar (msctls_progress32) inside a columned list box (via LB_SETTABSTOPS), for example into the last.
    I only need some startup help like links or keywords to google with, since (like i said above) my searches end up resultless.

    And pls (if possible) spare me with this moron-invention called MFC :P

    Thx in advance

    like this:
    but it doesnt need to be that emblazed ^.^
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    Is there a reason it must be a listbox? Its easy to do with a list control, and there are working examples to be easily found. You also get "real" columns.

    One example : CodeGuru: Embed Progress Bars in a List Control

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    Thx for your answer and sry that i need that long to answer, got problems with my electricity after yesterday's thunderstorm >.< ^^

    Well, didnt know that i gotta go with List Control, but isnt there a possibility to do so without MFC.
    I was googling again (this time with ListControl), but all i find are solutions with MFC, and i rly dislike it, i prefer the good old fashion DLGPROC, since thats where u still know what exactly is going on

    Edit: Question solved, Thx
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    Create a progressbar as a child of the listbox, the same size as the listbox item and in the same spot when the timed operation starts.

    The timed operation will have to post an update to the parent windows callback (redraw progressbar),
    the parents reflect via WM_NOTIFY msgs to the listbox,
    and then the listbox reflect these to the correct progressbar.

    Don't forget to process size, move, close, etc msgs from/for the window, listbox and progressbars.

    You could use the WIN32 versions of the MFC calls in that example.

    Quote Originally Posted by SlySS View Post
    And pls (if possible) spare me with this moron-invention called MFC :P
    As MFC is just a wrapper around WIN32.

    MFC is much more error tolerant than WIN32.
    MFC annoys me sometimes but then I just bypass it and use WIN32.
    MFC is excellent for RAD.

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