Thread: Should I export DllMain() function?

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    Should I export DllMain() function?

    I created a dll file, and I wanted the resources it uses to be initialized when the dll gets loaded, so I wanted to include DllMain function in the dll file.

    // DllMain.cpp
    #include "windows.h"
    int WINAPI DllMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, DWORD dwReason, LPVOID /*pReserved*/)
        ...Do Initialization...
    Do I need to compile DllMain.cpp file along with the sources for the dll
    file for the above DllMain() function to be called? or can I 1) compile the dllmain.cpp file into a .lib library file 2) statically link the library to the dll during a link-time?

    Also, do I need to export the DllMain function (using the.def file for the dll file)? Thanks!

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    I believe you ought to have posted here Windows Programming

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    Right, and moved.
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    DllMain needs to be part of your dll source (compiled as part of the dll and part of the dll binary) and no, it does not need to be exported.
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    DllMain is just like WinMain in the sense that it is required (or optional in the case of DllMain) simply for somewhere for the CRT to pass control to after it is has finished initializing. It is internal to the module.

    The PE format (which all Win32/64? EXEs and DLLs are in) specifies a single entry point address at which execution of the module begins; for C/C++ programs this usually the CRT routine that initializes, calls your WinMain/DllMain, then trashes any resources the CRT used.

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