Thread: Detecting lid close?

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    Cool Detecting lid close?

    Learning noob here. Anyway, is it possible in C++ to detect the closing of my laptop's lid?
    Thanks in advance!

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    C++ is Turing complete

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    Huh? Could you explain?

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    Could this topic be moved to "Windows Programming" by an admin?

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    Lid closing on a laptop is handled by the ACPI system. I'm not sure if there is any ACPI interface that allows user-mode code to get ACPI messages. I suspect not, as it's generally not something that user-mode applications do need to care about, so there is no reason to implement some way to forward that to the user-mode.

    Also, whist it is part of ACPI, it is implementation dependant.

    If there is no ACPI driver in the system, the BIOS will handle ACPI. Again, it's not possible for user-mode applications to get info out of BIOS.

    There's more info on ACPI here:

    I don't know if there is a similar document for XP and older versions of NT-class OS's.

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