I'd like to have an answer and, if possible, a right fix for the following issue.
I have an application A (exe in C) which is menu driven and calling different functions. Some of these functions are relative to the communication - via winsockets - with an application B (another exe in C#). There are Start B and a Stop B functions to launch B from A, B being a TCP server and A being the TCP client when they exchange data.
Start A is just a CreateProcess, with no listening (other functions being called after to communicate with B).
Everything works fine ... but when I do Start B I have the wait cursor (the hourglass since I'm in Windows Mobile 6) even after I return from the function to the A exec main. Of course, program B (a TCP Listener in loop) continues to run even if I exit A. If I relaunch A with B already running I'm not upset by the wait cursor any more(doesn't show up), and again, all communication with other functions working fine, including Stop B (a Server.stop command, sent via the socket and executed on B, followed by a Terminateprocess B on A).
Question: how could I stop the wait curor as soon as the process B has been launched and that I can stay in program A?
Many thanks!