Thread: How to update CListBox

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    How to update CListBox

    Hi all...

    I'm new to mfc programming, and have a question... hope you can help me

    I have a program that make some calculation, the user input some numbers and press a button to start.
    When he press the button, the program start the calculations, and shows the results in a Clistbox as it arrives.
    The problem is that when I use clistbox.addstring, the results are not automatically show in the clistbox, instead the user have to wait for all calculations to finish to see the results.
    What can I do to show the results as soon as it arrives in the clistbox, and continues to do the calculations in the background??


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    Call a function to do the adding of the result to the listbox or have it do the the calculations in a function and return it for adding to the listbox. Either way, the result must be calculated and added to the list box before going on to the next item.

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    If you want it to show after every addition you need to have the CListBox paint itself. Invalidate it and send WM_PAINT.

    Realize that this might slow your program down some.
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