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    Question TCP TimeOut

    Hi All,

    According to the RFC 793 (TCP) the timeout factor in the TCP ping can be adjusted with the help of ‘timeout’ parameter with OPEN and SEND calls.

    The format of these calls are as follows.

    OPEN (local port, foreign socket, active/passive [, timeout] [, precedence] [, security/compartment] [, options]) -> local connection name

    SEND (local connection name, buffer address, byte
    count, PUSH flag, URGENT flag [, timeout])

    I want to know how can I use it in my application.
    I am preparing a utility which will dows the TCP ping.

    If someone can provode any sample code... It will be heartly welcomed.

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    Take a look at the IcmpSendEcho function.

    Or better yet, setsocketopt using a level of SOL_SOCKET and SO_RCVTIMEO.
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