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    How would you due this

    I am complete new to programming and I would like to write a program that when F12 is pushed on the keyboard a sound clip will play. What I would like to know is if this is possible using C++ or if another language would be better and how simple it would be. Lastly where should I start? I have been doing some searching around and wrote some “hello world” type stuff but I am a bit confused as to what the next step would be.

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    Of course its possible in C++ or another language. What sort of question is that?

    Why don't you show us what you have tried and we will tell you where to go from there.

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    Well, what you want isn't a console program anymore.

    First, you need to really know how to use the language. Just because you made a Hello World app doesn't mean you really know how to program. Takes some tuts or get a book if you're not already.
    Second, you need to read up on and familiarize yourself with the Win32 API.

    From there, it should be pretty easy to figure it out. If you still have problems, post it. (And your code)
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    In WIN32 the OS tells you that an event has occurred (F12 pressed).

    You need to 'handle' the key press and in response play the sound.

    Read up on WM_KEYDOWN, WM_CHAR etc. to find out how to create the message 'handler' in the 'callback' function.

    PlaySound() is prob the easiest to use.
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