Thread: adding font to a combo box

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    adding font to a combo box

    I have created a list box using this code...

    hFontTypeButton = CreateWindowEx( 0, WC_COMBOBOXEX,      
    				(HINSTANCE)GetWindowLong( hDnaToolBar, GWL_HINSTANCE ),
    I can see the listbox or combobox (whatever it's called) in my window and I want to add all the fonts on my system (the ones in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder) but I have no idea how to do this. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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    Perhaps this will help?

    It may not be EXACTLY what you want (or rather, because it's C++ builder, it may do it in a slightly different way than you would add things to the combo box), but the basic principle of finding the fonts, etc, I think is the same.

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