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    getting http text

    i am creating a program that sets internet explorer proxy settings and the proxy is taken from a txt file so it helps me check which ones are working or not buy actually setting the proxy setting and watching ie load it up then moves on to the next one, one thing i am not going to be able to figure out is testing if the site loads or not , how can i say which proxy s working and which is not ? , i dont want to ping or port scan the proxies to test if there online but check them automated loading ie , another thing is when i copy and paste the ips from a forum instead of copying and pasting would there away to get text with a function then i could send that buffer to a txt file instead of copying pasting manually , this is nothing malicous as i am checking proxies to see which sites load faster etc and sometimes i cant connect to certain sites unless i use a proxy

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    What about using some paragraphs to make your post at least a bit readable?

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