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    Chart Directory

    I am currently developing an application using C++ and MFC. I am thinking about using the library called ChartDirectory. It is from a company called Advanced Software Engineering. This library offers a variety of classes for drawing charts. The company is in Hong King and I have never heard of them. They offer there documentation in both CHM format and in HTML format. I had problems reading the documentation in CHM format. It may have been that the file I down loaded was corrupt. I down loaded it a second time and it did not help. The HTML documentation, on the surface, looks good. However, I found a link that did not work. Therefore, I am not getting good vibes about their software.

    I was wondering if anybody out there has used it, or even heard of it. If so, could you please tell me what you think about it.



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    You don't need external libraries for charts !
    Chart control is native in Windows, easyly usable in C and C++ (plenty of samples on MSDN/Google in C/Win32)

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