Thread: I would like to Produce 2d and 3d plots

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    I would like to Produce 2d and 3d plots

    I am currently writing an application using C++ and MFC. I would like the output of this program to include both 2D and 3D plots. I prefer not to write these plotting routines by hand. I am hoping that there is free software out there to do this. I looked at the WPF-powered 3D graphing library found on this server. It is written in C#. I am thinking that is going to be an issue for me. I also tried building it, and ran into some problems. I am thinking that there should be a similar library for C++ and MFC. However, I have been unable to find it. I am hoping somebody here can point me in the right direction.



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    Use the native win32 Graph contol (Ms)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex31 View Post
    Use the native win32 Graph contol (Ms)
    MSChart is VB OCX or Forms, not MFC.

    Could you provide a link, rather than the cryptic posts with little to no info, to both these posts?

    here is a link to MSChart (from 2000) using it in C++ via COM. Not the best solution, very unsatisfactory charts and looks like no 3D.
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