Thread: Problem with Visual Studio C++ Express coding

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    Problem with Visual Studio C++ Express coding

    Hi Everyone, i have a college project and i cant find how to do a few things. I'm new to windows programming but i'm moderately experienced with console programming. Well these are the problems that i cant find out how to do

    1) Switch to other forms
    2) Input data from 2 text boxes to the same file and Output both data per line in a list box
    3) Using date selection from Calenders to display data written on that date
    (assuming the date has been written at the front of each line in a text file)
    4) Saving data with date infront

    I think thats the current problems for now. Thank you for your help

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    Sure, I can code all your homework, will take less than an hour.

    Just as soon as you finish cleaning my toilet....

    I suggest a search, someone else is doing the same homework.

    [Put another way: we will help fix code posted, we do not write all the code. Nor do we do homework. If that is what you want try 'rent-a-coder']
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