Thread: New to Forms/MFC. Unsure where to place the code.

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    New to Forms/MFC. Unsure where to place the code.


    I am trying to create a standard Windows Form which comprises of the following:


    When the user clicks the Option1 button, I am trying to display some text held in a CString variable.

    Using Visual Studio 2005, I have created the procedures for the buttons and given each TextBox one Member Variable each.

    I think however I am placing some of the code in the wrong location, as when I click on Button1, the text I want displayed in the first TextBox actually becomes the label of the Button it's self.

    void CSDI2Prac4Dlg::OnBnClickedButton1()
    	CString InText;
    	CString OutText;
    	CString ExtText;
    	InText = "Some text";
    	OutText = "";
    	ExtText = " Extended";
    	opt1.SetWindowText ( InText );
    	opt2.SetWindowText ( OutText );
    	InText = InText + ExtText;
    	//m_EDIT3.SetWindowText ( InText );
    void CSDI2Prac4Dlg::OnBnClickedButton2()
    void CSDI2Prac4Dlg::OnEnChangeEdit1()
    void CSDI2Prac4Dlg::OnEnChangeEdit2()
    I am unsure how to have the "Some text" string appear in the first textbox, when the user presses Button1.

    Any advice is most appreciated.

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    opt1.SetWindowText ( InText );
     should be 
    m_Edit1.SetWindowText ( InText );
    or use a pointer and the controls resource ID
    CEdit  *pEdit=NULL;
    if(pEdit && pEdit->GetSafeHwnd())
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