Thread: Writing to custom resources

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    Writing to custom resources

    Sorry to bother you

    I got a .bin im using as a custom resource file where I am storing 1 byte to save the state of a menu item, I don't want external files.

    Here is what I tried and it didn't work for me...

    HGLOBAL hResource = LoadResource(g_hInstance, FindResource(g_hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDR_RCDATA_CONFIG), RT_RCDATA));
    	BYTE* p = (BYTE*)LockResource(hResource);
    	if(GetType() == TYPE_COMPLETE)
    		*p = 0;
    		*p = 1;	
    I was thinking if I get a pointer to it I could modify the data, seems I can only read from it. Please could someone tell me how I can write to my custom resource

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    Yes, everything in your .exe should be "read only".

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