Thread: Triangle/Other shapes Algorythems....

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    Lightbulb Triangle/Other shapes Algorythems....

    I have the basix of my graphics API for DOS put down (Called: DosGL) but I am still learning math, so I would really appriciate some algorythems to draw rectangles (I can do that perfectly centered, but with rotation/points not being perfectly inline with each other?), Triangles, "Polygons", and maybe even just lines.

    Here is a basic outline of what I have so far...

    1.) It uses double buffer with arrays of bytes for the pixels (1 pixel = 1 bytes), but will soon turn to 3 byte integers for hardware independance.

    2.) Shapes are presented to rendering algorythems in lists of verticeis.

    Thanks a lot, SPH

    P.S. If you haveany other Q's just AIM or EMAIL me, or just reply to this post!

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    What kind of math are you using to draw this? Trig? Geo?

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    Lightbulb Well thats just it...

    I will use w/e math I am told is best, that what im asking, for formulas/algorythems in any typeof math to do this stufff...


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    The use of "GL" in the name of a graphics library is trademarked by SGI.

    If you you planning on distributing this, you probably want to come up with a name that does not include "GL", just so you can avoid the hassle down the road.

    They've threatened legal action against at least 1 use of it in recent memory.

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