Thread: Differences between Windows XP and Windows Vista programming

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    Differences between Windows XP and Windows Vista programming

    Hi Guys,

    I'm quite new to this and wanted to know the difference between doing programming on windows XP compared to doing it on Windows Vista? and if so does the downloads and the helpful stuff you guys have posted still apply to me (i'm on vista)

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Vista has a couple of new APIs, mostly UI stuff, that you cannot use on XP, so if you target Vista, you can use those.
    You must also make sure to program for machines that are NOT running as administrators, else it will break in Vista.
    You should also include a manifest for the app to run as admin in Vista, if your app requires admin privileges (if you are targeting XP). If you are targeting Vista, you can elevate using UAC, but I don't really consider it worth the trouble, since Microsoft obviously could not make any good API for it.
    There are probably plenty of resources on MSDN about this, but I have no links.

    You might also want to consider having a look at Windows 7. The public beta is out, so you can mess around with those APIs and features, as well.
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    For nearly everything you do, they are the same. Vista changes the graphics driver interface completely, but unless you are working with graphics drivers, that's not a concern for YOU. Likewise, it's changed many user interface "look and feel", but you are not involved with how the system does things internally.

    There are of course some changes that you may have to care about, such as new fancy functions that let your application look fancier, etc.

    But as a beginner, you shouldn't really bother with things that relate to that.

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