Thread: Two Step DLL Inection (How to get thread handle?)

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    Two Step DLL Inection (How to get thread handle?)

    So I want two create a 2 step DLL injection process, the first level is a very unobtrusive global DLL:

    SetWindowsHookEx -> parameter 4 = 0 -> Global injection.

    this dll then observes which process it attaches to:

                           DWORD  ul_reason_for_call,
                           LPVOID lpReserved	 )
    	switch (ul_reason_for_call)
            if ( GetModuleHandle( _T("Process.exe") ) != NULL )
                    // inject 2nd dll ONLY into this thread
    so basically after I verify that the object currently being attached is of a specific type I want to attach my 2nd hook, but only into this process. Using SetWindowsHookEx(), i need the DWORD threadID for this process, but I'm not sure how to get it from the HMODULE given in the DLLMain, any suggestions?

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