Thread: Get a window handle for control of other program

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    Get a window handle for control of other program

    I'm trying to make a little program that will fill out my account information on another program, because I can't be bothered to type it out every time.

    So here is what I am trying to do, get window handles for 2 edit boxes that are in another application window so I can set the text.

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    If you know the title. There are other ways, depending what information you have on the already open window

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    I think I found my answer, dunno till I try it out, FindWindowEx is used for this purpose I am reading. FindWindow doesn.t work to get the child control handles.

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    what i do is use WindowFromPoint then you can use GetClassName or GetWindowText ,

    #include <windows.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    	POINT point;
    	char ClassName[32];
    	char WindowText[32];
    	HWND hWnd = WindowFromPoint(point);
        printf("%s %s \n",ClassName , WindowText);
    	return 0;
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