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    I have made a resource file, built it, and made a menu. I made a include file that has all the definitions for the resources. Now I am editing the Window class to put the menu in, and I type in this:
    sampleClass.lpszMenuName =  LoadMenu(hinstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(Menubar));
    The resource file built fine, but when I try to compile my source it says:

    assignment to 'const CHAR *' from 'HMENU__ *'

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    You need to cast the return value from LoadMenu to the type you require to eliminate that error, but that might create problems itself...

    If the 'lpszMenuName' variable of your sampleClass object is intended to be used as the 'lpszMenuName' variable of a WNDCLASSEX/WNDCLASS struct to be used on wnd registration then you do not need to use LoadMenu, simply using 'MAKEINTRESOURCE(Menubar)' directly should be ok, assuming Menubar is a 16bit int resource defined id for your menu.
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    I'll try it

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    It works! thx

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