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    Default Button Problem

    Ok, so I'm making an application and am putting the controls into the main window normally, rather than as a dialog box, for various reasons.

    As you can see in the attachment, my Send button is set to BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON style. It's all being created when a user opens a new tab, and appears in the tab:

    UserTab[NewID].hEdit = CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE,WC_EDIT,0,WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_TABSTOP | ES_AUTOVSCROLL | ES_MULTILINE,15,(rcClient.bottom * 0.7) + 40,(rcClient.right * 0.73),48,hwnd,NULL,hInstance,0);
    UserTab[NewID].hSend = CreateWindowEx(0,WC_BUTTON,"Send",WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_TABSTOP | BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON,(rcClient.right * 0.7) + 30,(rcClient.bottom * 0.7) + 40,75,23,hwnd,(HMENU)IDOK,hInstance,0);
    UserTab[NewID].hSend = CreateWindowEx(0,WC_BUTTON,"Cancel",WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_TABSTOP | BS_PUSHBUTTON,(rcClient.right * 0.7) + 30,(rcClient.bottom * 0.7) + 65,75,23,hwnd,(HMENU)IDCANCEL,hInstance,0);
    However, no matter what I do, when I press Enter in the edit control, it doesn't automate me pressing IDOK. I've tried passing the parent window DM_SETDEFID messages pointing to the IDOK button, but NOTHING'S HAPPENING <___<

    Help? I've been working on this code for hours now to no avail whatsoever, including scouring through every MSDN article on it and ramming a billion searches into Google and Ask, absolutely nothing works thusfar =\

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    You need to subclass edit controls and put some code that looks like this:

    if (wParam == VK_RETURN)  {
       if (iHaveDefaultButton)  {
          SendMessage (parentHwnd, WM_COMMAND, MAKELONG(defaultButtonID, BN_CLICKED), (LPARAM)btnHwnd);
          return (0);

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    UserTab[NewID].hSend = CreateWindowEx(0,WC_BUTTON,"Send",...

    UserTab[NewID].hSend = CreateWindowEx(0,WC_BUTTON,"Cancel",...
    I hope that's just a copy and paste to the forum error and not the reason for that rapidly developing baldspot

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    Yes, yes it is, there was a formatting problem when I first posted, so I went edited and copypasted certain parts together, didn't realise that was wrong xD

    It's correct in the main program so meh

    And thanks idelovski, that worked perfectly :P

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    Glad I could help.

    But there's more if you're not using standard dialogs.

    You need to check if current edit box doesn't require Return key. Somehow determine if it's a multiline edit box. Next, even combo boxes and any other control can have focus so you need to put return key checks in those controls too. Then you need to handle Tab key. Then, there's that mouse wheel; then, ...

    Find Raymond Chen's articles about dialogs (or buy his book).
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    The reason for this behaviour is the interaction between

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