Thread: reinserting htm files into chm help files

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    reinserting htm files into chm help files

    I like to annotate my on-line documentation.

    There is a "annotation" feature in the Windows 95 *.hlp help files, but not in the Windows 98 *.chm help files (which contain *.htm files).

    So far I've figured out it how it is possible to edit the ascii source doc for the *.htm portion of a *.chm file with any text editor or html wysiwyg editor etcetera. (And I've figured out how to display chm files in internet explorer rather than in hh.exe).

    Does anyone know how to reinsert modified htm files back into the chm file they came from (after, of course, I make backups of the original chm file and htm file) (or insert any htm file into any chm file; link htm files togther to form a chm file)?

    I'm dying to write my own documentation. Once I forget stuff, it's easier for me to re-learn it from stuff I wrote, than from stuff someone at microsoft wrote.
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