Thread: Grant read/write/modify permissions to everyone

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    Grant read/write/modify permissions to everyone

    I'm having trouble locating information on how to grant read/write/modify permissions to the special 'everyone' object on a folder, with the permissions inherited by the child objects. I have googled it extensively, and the only information I can find is using C# or C++/CLI. I'm looking for a native Win32 solution to this problem.

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    Is this what you're looking for?
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    That's a really good start. thanks.

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    SetNamedSecurityInfo is what you're looking for, theres links to some example usages at the bottom.

    Bear in mind that granting such permissions to the Everyone group can potentially allow the Guest and anonymous logon accounts equivalent access depending on the computer/domain security policy so you might want to guard against that by denying access for those. Another way would be to grant the access to the Authenticated Users group instead of everyone, although I can't remember whether that includes the Guest account so have a google to make sure if you go down that path.

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