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    Open windows file

    Here's a problem that has me vexed. I have a xdp file which, when clicked in Windows Explorer opens Acrobat reader automatically and then loads the xml data in the XDP file filling an Acrobat form for me. I tried using exec to load acrord32.exe with the xdp file as a command-line input (which works if I do it manually in the command-line), but when I call it with an exec, it fails (no response of any kind).

    Even worse, it works on some machines and not others. Since directly calling the executable doesn't work and requires that I have the path for acrord32.exe on each machine anyway, is there a way to launch the XDP file itself to simulate clicking it?

    If that makes sense and you have some idea, please let me know

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    ShellExecute(). And perhaps this could be moved to the windows forum, Salem (or whoever else holds that particular power).

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    CreateProcess() should work too as it accepts command line arguments.

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